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The principals

Gerhard Antl

The Austrian principal

Born in 1956, he studied English and History at the University of Vienna. (Graduation in 1981)
He has been teaching English and History for 36 years and was appointed principal of the College for Business Administration and the Secondary Business School in Gänserndorf (Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule Gänserndorf) in 2005.
He has been awarded several decorations for honorary cultural work.

Remzi Cin

The Turkish principal

He was born in 1968 in Giresun, Görele. He studied secondary and high school in Zonguldak. He studied history and graduated from Ankara university. He started working as a history teacher in Şanlıurfa in 1992. He worked in Kilimli in 1996 and 1998. Then he was appointed to Fener secondary school, Zonguldak Anadolu Teknik Lisesi and Zonguldak Anadolu İmam Hatip high school. He is the headmaster of Kilimli Anadolu High School since 2013.

Ludmila Mičová

The Slovakian principal

University Education:
University of Agriculture in Nitra, Department of Agriculture Mechanization and Supplementary pedagogical study University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Media Education
origin - Myjava - Western Slovakia
parents – Myjava, son Paul - 33 Holíč, son Peter - 27 Skalica
Supporting projects: Schools Supporting Health, Sports Against Drugs, Green School, Together Against Human Trafficking, Erasmus+
Hobbies: hiking, travelling, swimming, reading: fiction

Mariarosaria Russo

The Italian principal

Mariarosaria Russo was born in Reggio Calabria on May 10, 1965. Her course of study has always been brilliant and has ended with a distinguished degree in Classical Studies at the University of Messina – final vote: 110/110 cum laude with a thesis concerning "The Idea of SYNGHENEIA in Ancient Historiography."

She has got different degrees and specializations, moreover she gets other credits and a series of qualifications in the historical-archeological field, History of Christianity, Didactics of Greek language, ancient Philosophy, Video journalism etc ..

Winner of five ordinary competitions in the areas of history, literature and philosophy. Winner of the ordinary competition for School Principals in 2007: that year she had the primacy to be the youngest Italian Headmaster of Secondary High Schools.

She has been coordinating several European measures in support of university education and training for years.
She has coordinating seminars and conferences in collaboration with the most prestigious Italian and foreign universities.
She was a teacher of Italian, Latin and Greek from 1990 until 2007.

She has been Headmaster of the Institute of Higher Education "R. Piria "Rosarno since the 1st September 2007 to the date hereof; she was Regent Headmaster of "M. Vizzone" Comprehensive Institute of San Ferdinando in the school year 2010/11. She was Regent Headmaster of “Boccioni-Fermi” Institute of Reggio Calabria in the school year 2012/13. She was Regent Headmaster of “Mazzone” Scientific Lyceum of Roccella and Gioiosa Ionica in the school year 2014/15. She has covered prestigious ministerial charges.

She directs and coordinates Training Programs – Updating courses for teachers and managers, collaborating with prestigious cultural circles and has received the following ad personam PRIZES:

“Dante Alighieri”: Prize for Culture 24th Edition (at Torre-Argentina-Roma Theatre);
“Il Coviello” : Prize for Theatre;
“Carducci”: Prize for Literature;
“Gods, Myths and Rites of the Mediterranean”: Greek Language Prize;
City of Laureana di Borrello: Prize for Culture – 2008;
“Dante Alighieri”: Prize 2009 – University for Foreigners – Reggio Calabria;
“UNICEF” Prize – Turin;
“Timeline Film Festival”: Prize – Carate Brianza;
“FIABA” Prize (Italian Fund for the Demolition of the Architectural Barriers) – Montecitorio Rome;
“Citizenship Education”: Prize Senate of the Republic;
Special Award of the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano in the context of the International Conference “Sapientia Mundi”;
Special Award of the President Gianfranco Fini in the context of the “150th Anniversary of the Unity of Italy”;
“Cultural Association Esculapio”: Prize;
“Armet Association”: Prize;
“Rosarno-Argentina”: Prize for Culture;
“Gerbera Gialla”: National Prize Against Mafia; the prize was awarded by the AntiMafia National Prosecutor Piero Grasso, Current President of the Senate;
“Melissa Bassi”: Prize and special reporting of the Presidency of the Republic as Praiseworthy Personality in the school context;
“Fanfani”: Prize “A Teacher for Legality”;
“Paul Harris Fellow”: International Rotarian Award;
“The Charter for Peace”: International Prize awarded by “Paolo Di Tarso” Foundation;
“Marco & Alberto Ippolito”: International Prize – 11th Edition;
“Città del Sole” 2013: Prize for Calabrian Excellencies;
“”Sina Figliuzzi”: Woman of the year 2014: Prize;
“Anassilaos Mimosa 2014”: Prize;
“Rocco Chinnici”: Prize as a Bearer of Legality 2014;
“”Mick Bagalà”: Prize for Culture 2015;
Medal of the President of the Republic awarded by Adriana Musella and President Piero Grasso in the context of the national celebrations of “Gerbera Gialla” 2015;
“Justitia - Rosario Livatino” 2015: Prize for the spread of culture of legality awarded by UNICAL – University of Calabria;
“Saetta-Livatino”: Prize awarded by Don Ciotti in the context of the 27th anniversary of Judge Antonio Saetta’s and his son Stefano’s death and of the 25th anniversary of Judge Rosario Livatino’s Death;
Excellence Degree awarded by AEDE (Teachers’ European Association) and by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Science.