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Italy - Rosarno

The Institute of Higher Education "R. Piria ",including the Scientific High School, the Institute of Professional Services for Agriculture and Rural Development and the Technical and Commercial Institute for Administration, Finance and Marketing of Laureana di Borrello is located in Rosarno, a large agricultural and commercial center located on a vast flat area bounded by the hill of the Poro and a few meters above sea level.

Rosarno is situated on a hill overlooking a natural balcony on the port of Gioia Tauro and the surrounding plain. It includes a vast and fertile territory that has to the north as a border the Mesima River, to the east the Metramo River and the foothills of the Calabrian Serre, to the south the Municipality of Gioia Tauro, and to the west San Fernando ( part of Rosarno until 1977). The town lies on a 67 m hill. above the sea level., which dominates the plain, full of orange and olive groves, and the port of Gioia Tauro, that is as ( far in the air) just 6 km.

The major road axis is the free motorway Salerno-RC which together with the railway constitute a service infrastructure that allows people and goods to be dislocated adequately. The climate is mild and favors the presence of some plant species entirely original in addition to the typical crops of citrus fruits, grapes, olive and some years even kiwis. In fact, the Institute operates in a territorial area full of activities in the fields of citrus, olive growing, floriculture and trade.

Industrialization is still lacking with the exception of some production facilities recently settled down in the industrial area of the great port of Gioia Tauro used as a loading and unloading of container ships and a driving force for the development throughout the region. The presence of the Institute of Higher Education "R. Piria "in an area that appropriately combines the production, processing and development of agricultural resources with the development of tourism, trade and industry, it is vital for the training of students and to develop entrepreneurial skills expendable in the same territory. The social reality in which the school has been operating is one of the most problematic of the province of Reggio Calabria characterised by high unemployment rate, social unrest, high risk of youth delinquency, investment difficulties.

The integration with the territory is promoted by relations of interaction between schools, local authorities, public bodies, universities, church, cultural associations and the various agencies operating in the area.

The Institute R. Piria has three locations:

The launch of " Gelmini Reform" in the school year 2010-2011 has given the Institute "R. Piria" a new face, more complex and articulated. The Vocational Educational and Training courses combine the training offer of the Institute with a laborious but engaging collaboration with the Calabria Region. The Institute has therefore demonstrated the ability to interpret the requests of the territory also with the introduction of new fields of study, evening courses at the headquarters of ITE Laureana di Borrello, attended by about 100 working students and the birth of the Professional Technical Pole " a center for Agribusiness and the Mediterranean diet" which is based on the premises of the professional Institute for agriculture and rural development.

The social and economic reality of reference shows the presence of groups from the world of small business and agriculture, but unfortunately there is a cultural context, at times, characterised by a poor attention and openness towards the school.
The PTOF of Institute does not disregard the evaluation and examination of incoming students, among whom the presence of allophones and non-EU students is widespread and increasing. The Program of Studies of the Institute provides, as the input activities, monitoring of the starting level of the students and monitoring the output of the levels.