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The BHAK Gänserndorf is a College for Business Administration in Austria and therefore a vocational school teaching students from the age of 14 to 19. It is located in the political district of Gänserndorf which is the largest district in Lower Austria with borders to the EU countries Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The town of Gänserndorf – 20 km northeast of Vienna – has about 10 000 inhabitants.

The school provides a comprehensive commercial education. Apart from rooting the European idea in our students and fostering an intercultural, European awareness the school partnership also aimed at improving the students’ language competence. Using English as the project language is seen as a key aspect of this school partnership.

Our students also get specific training in project management. Over the last three years this has been based on a unique cooperation with an Austrian software company which has developed a software tool for project management, which is available in German and English and can also be used in schools. Presenting this tool to our project partners is one aspect of this multilateral school partnership as we are allowed to use this software tool for this partnership free of charge. Our students made active use of their expertise in project management and held workshops for our project partners.

In addition our students knew how eTwinning could be brought into the project by installing some parts of the project in eTwinning with some workshops prepared for our school partners. With the help of eTwinning and PM-software the BHAK Gänserndorf made the school partnership comprehensible for the six National Agencies as well as for local school authorities and political communities. These institutions could be regularly informed about the progress of the ERASMUS KA2 school-to-school project over the two year period.